According to the article “6 Tips for Finding Prospects on LinkedIn” by Melanie Dodaro, LinkedIn can provide sales professionals a bundle of opportunities when searching for prospects. Opportunities including maximizing an individual’s profile, creating partnerships, to crafting the initial contact with the prospect. Out of the 6 steps, I picked the top 3 that I believe are crucial to being successful in sales by utilizing social media like LinkedIn.

Creating Strategic Alliances

Building alliances in your industry and similar industries opens new doors to products/services  you can’t provide and create potential referrals. It’s a win-win for both companies when working together in a mutually beneficial way. Referrals are key to a representative in my field because word of mouth and customer testimonials are the strongest proof statements in any sales call.

Building Relationships

After connecting with a prospect, it is important to continue communication over the process. Communication is absolutely necessary in building relationships in the short-term and the long-term. By keeping track of communication via LinkedIn tabs, a sales and marketing representative can gage if the prospect is interested in moving forward in the sales process.

Move Online Conversations to Offline Conversations

The real magic happens when you move the relationship offline! This is the time to hook & engage the prospect moving forward. Moving online conversations offline is important to the marketer because this conversion can help plan sales strategies when prospecting and seeing the correlation to the sales numbers.